BladeWare Overview

Badeware E2F, F2E, and FMS

BladeWare, from Commetrex, is an HMP telephony platform used by OEMs as the framework for telephony gateways and servers. The platform supports fax today; voice is in development; video is on the roadmap. But with NetGen’s focus big_pirate0214on the service provider, we have added three ready-to-deploy applications to add a new revenue stream to your top line in weeks, not months or years. These applications support fax-to-email, email-to-fax, and fax for unified communications in IMS service networks:

BladeWare includes Commetrex’ patented (9,094,419) Smart FoIP®, technology which improves the performance of fax-over-IP (FoIP) in carrier networks by 5-10% by eliminating the problems caused by late-arriving T.38 re-Invites from the receiving gateway in a carrier’s network, causing the call to fail if the re-Invite is accepted when it should actually be rejected. Smart FoIP brings BladeWare fax-transaction success rates up to near-PSTN levels.

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