PT4800 Distribution Panel

Designed for use with New Rock VoIP products, the PT4800 48-port-RJ11 protected distribution panel provides 12 RJ45 FXS ports and 48 RJ11 FXO ports. The built-in surge protectors guard against lightning and electrostatic surges to help ensure survivability. The PT2400 panel is 19′ rack mountable, and the pin out assignment follows the TIA/EIA 568B standard. Each RJ45 jack corresponds to 4 RJ11 jacks.


  • Number of RJ45 ports available: 12
  • Number of RJ11 ports available: 48
  • Surge protection: Common mode(TIP/RING, each line) – Operating voltage: ≤184V
  • DC breakdown voltage: 230V(±20%)
  • Pulse breakdown voltage: <600V @ 1000V/uS
  • Max. discharge current: 250A @ 10/700uS
  • Severity level for lightening strike test*: 3.5kV @ 10/700uS
  • Insertion loss: <12Ω,<1.5pF
  • Chassis material: Galvanized steel
  • Installation: Flush mount
  • Color coding standard for twisted pair cable: 568B
  • Twisted pair cable type: Recommended/CAT4, Compulsory/CAT3
  • Cross-sectional area of grounding cable: 2.5 mm2
  • Ground connection: Screw lug

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