Wireless Office Communication


  • 40 Extensions
  • 40 SIP Trunks
  • 16 FE Ports
  • 4 PoE Ports
  • 32 Wireless Terminals

Product Overview

The WROC 3000 IP PBX is an all-in-one wireless appliance that delivers essential business-class local-network and voice communications for small-and-medium-sized businesses with requirements of up to 40 users and 50 terminals. In a 19-inch chassis, the WROC 3000 IP PBX integrates the benefits of voice, video, mobility, fixed and wireless LAN and firewall services. Consolidating legacy- and advanced-communication capabilities in a single appliance creates a cost-effective solution that is both simple to set up and easy to manage, lowering TCO. The WROC 3000 IP PBX provides a smooth transition from multi-chassis solutions to a more-efficient business communication solution with a single device.

Business Benefits

Building an office network that supports rich connectivity

  • Connectivity to both legacy and advanced IP-telephony terminals and service providers provides an ideal and smooth solution to connect small enterprises to a converged communication world
  • IP communications through SIP trunks and integrated multi-site voice networks significantly reduces business costs while improving customer relationships and team collaboration
  • PoE LAN ports and Wi-Fi capability minimizes cabling in offices
  • Dual USB ports expand connectivity to cover terminals and devices, such as 3G/4G/LTE dongles, storage appliances, and Apps
  • Mobile capability with the WeWei™ and other softphones keeps you connected at all times
  • The Windows-based business assistant provides click-to-dial, call history, call recording and voicemail, making conference calls just as easy as dragging icons
  • Auto-attendant and direct-inward dialing allow incoming calls to be handled per individual preference
  • REST API for feature additions, channel customization, and Web-services

Administrator benefits

  • Browser-based device-management interface
  • Step-by-step guide simplifies first-time setup
  • Security monitoring and alarm notification helps the administrator to quickly locate faults and security threats
  • Configuration-file import and export, 8-level logs and real-time data capture

Integration benefits

  • HTTP-based (REST) API enables easy integration with external application servers across networks
  • Innovative third-party applications satisfy the long-tail requirements of small business, expanding the sales opportunities of distribution channels


Product FXS FXO
WROC3008 8 0
WROC3080 0 8
WROC3044 4 4
WROC3026 6 2
WROC3062 2 6
WROC3000 0 0

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