BladeWare Trident

BladeWare Trident Overview

BladeWare Trident breaks the Gordian Knot that is FoIP in carrier networks. For too long, service providers and users have been frustrated by the “best-effort” approach to FoIP by carriers. Part of the reason is that carriers just don’t have the tools, knowledge, and, perhaps, the motivation to overcome these problems. BladeWare Trident changes all of that by combining the essential elements service providers and carriers need to diagnose and repair less-than-optimum handling of FoIP calls.

BladeWare Trident includes:

  • 50-, 100-, and 200-port BladeWare FITS on up to two systems with T.38 and G.711 support,
  • FaxTap NG
  • Platinum support

With the capacity to inject 200 FoIP calls into the network under test (higher capacities are available), the provider can stress the network with extraordinary FoIP traffic. With FaxTap NG, the calls can be analyzed. And with NetGen’s Platinum support, the user gets the benefit of working with the industry’s top FoIP experts. (There’s nothing they haven’t seen.)

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