MX8A Gateway

The MX8A is perfect for service providers to deliver residential and small-office voice and fax services through broadband networks. The MX8A can also be used as an ATA for IP-PBXs to provide IP connectivity for the small company.

MX8A Configurations:

  • 4 FXS ports
  • 8 FXS ports
  • 4 FXO ports
  • 8 FXO ports
  • 4FXS+FXO ports

The MX8A gateway shares the same software, and therefore the rich features, of the MX Series and Smart ATA with Smart FoIP, high-quality voice, and industry-wide interoperability. Equipped with the MPC852 from Motorola as its control processor, and high-performance C5509 DSPs from Texas Instruments for voice and fax processing, the MX8A gateway has powerful computational capability for IP packetization, voice compression, and echo cancellation, even when the voice-fax traffic is at its peak.

Rich Features

MX8A works on the embedded Linux operating system. With its powerful hardware platform and flexible software design, it can meet various voice application requirements. MX8A supports a variety of supplementary services including Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Fashion Ring-back, Intelligent Routing, RADIUS Billing Interface, Two Stage Dialing, Calling/Called Number Mapping, and Auto Dialing.And for FoIP, the MX8 features Smart FoIP® from NetGen Communications. Smart FoIP eliminates the two most-common FoIP problems: late T.38 reINVITES and PCM clock-sync problems. This means the ITSP can stop saying, “Keep your POTS for fax.”

  • Ideal for SOHO, IP-PBX, and residential VoIP applications
  • Advanced VoIP/FoIP technologies including SIP, iLBC, and voice encryption
  • G.711 & T.38 fax relay with Smart FoIP®
  • High voice quality
  • Compact package
  • User-friendly provisioning tools
  • Featuring busy tone auto detection, DTMF detection, fashion ringing tones, hook-flash relay and etc
  • Compatible with dozens of SIP platforms

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