Product Support Procedures

Product Support Procedures

NetGen provides no-charge support to its direct customers. If you did not purchase your NetGen product from us, please contact your reseller or distributor.

We are happy to take your support calls at 770-449-7704, ext 2 or ext 370, your e-mail to, or, preferably, by raising a ticket on our support Tiki-Wiki at, once you’ve registered. Please provide all of the requested information when you register. (A Hotmail address with no name or company identified will not gain registration.)

Using the Tiki has advantages including notification of the entire support team, automatic e-mail updates to you if there are any updates to the ticket, and the ability to track the ticket through its number. And, should it come to that, a return material authorization (RMA), which is described in detail, below.

If you do believe you’ve had a hardware failure or a shipping discrepancy, you will need an RMA. RMAs are provided by our support staff if they have good reason to believe that there really is a hardware problem. It is unusual to receive a description on a ticket that is sufficient, “Bad XXX” is more typical, so give us a break and describe the problem and what you’ve done to determine that there really is a problem.

Here’s the RMA procedure:

  1. Register at at
  2. Open a ticket.
  3. Respond to additional posts on the ticket.
  4. Request an RMA.
  5. If both parties are confident there is a hardware problem, we will usually send a pre-paid replacement provided you agree to return the original item shipping pre-paid.
  6. Your return package must have the RMA number clearly visible on the package.

Need Help? Call Us to get free Support at 770-449-7704