Telecommunications Apps

NetGen Communications offers a comprehensive line of telecommunications complimentary application software to enhance the feature/functionality of the WROC and OM PBXs. Learn more about these apps, and how they can be used to improve the overall business communications experience.

WeWei Softphone App

WeWei is a VoIP softphone specifically designed to achieve the reliability that a business telephone requires. Installed on any smartphone, WeWei is used as an external extension, with two supported modes for accessing the business PBX to place a call to access the SIP trunk or CO line:

  • SIP extension: Register to the system as an SIP extensions when the internet access is available and a call is placed as regular extension
  • Auto DISA:In this access mode, upon selecting the contact a preset trunk number of the system is dialed out automatically through the mobile phone network and followed by the contact’s phone number. The trunk number instead of your mobile number will be displayed to the remote side


  • Private call: You can directly place a private call with no need to switch to your cellphone dial-pad.
  • Conference call and call transfer: You can easily invite up to 5 parties to join a conference call, or transfer a calls to another extension or a third party.
  • Auto configuration download]
    You do not have to manually configure the soft-phone. By entering your PIN on WiWei in your office Wi-Fi network, the configuration of the soft-phone will be downloaded from the system in the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Support three SIP accounts: You can select the one you want to use at any time.

How to Download

  • Android: Android® Market.
  • iPhone: Apple Store

IMPORTANT NOTE: For best user experience WeWei is required to use with the WROC wireless PBXs and OM IP-Telephony Systems.

Release Notes

Neehau Business Phone

Developed by New Rock Technologies, Inc., NeeHau* Business Phone Assistant is a PC-based software tool that improves the voice-communications productivity of users of the New Rock OM and WROC phone systems by providing highly-efficient easy-to-use call-management features. Although NeeHau is designed to address a wide range of applications, it is easy to install, eliminating the need for help-desk intervention.

NeeHau Business Phone Assistant is an integrated, extensible business phone management system that allows users to easily access their contact list, dial out, listen to call recordings, and check call histories or notes with just one click. Business managers can dynamically access call records of sales or services, and acquire first hand updates on key business accounts. Agents improve their efficiency through NeeHau’s combination of voice communications and real-time customer-information management.


  • Pop-up Incoming Call Notification: The display of caller information enables you to make immediate decision on how to deal with each incoming call properly. The available options include one-click call pickup, call transfer or call reject
  • Contact List Management: All-in-one contact-list management enables you to search, add, modify, delete or share customer information conveniently, combined with bulk import/export capabilities
  • Click to Call: By simply clicking the on the radio button next to a contact name, you can make an immediate phone call to your customer
  • Call Recordings and Call Histories: Call history and call management are supported by quick-search for call histories, and one-click recording playback function.

Nehau Installation Links

Click Here


Developed by New Rock Technologies Inc, Telegreeting is an audio file runs on Windows and helps users convert customized greetings or color ringback tone (CRBT) files in MP3 or WAV format to WAV files (mono, sampling rate 8 kHz, 16-bit audio signals) for OM/WROC/MX( only CRBT files for MX ) use. The following sections describe how to install and use the software tool.

CDR Finder

Developed by New Rock Technologies, Inc., the CDR is a windows-based recording management software that collects call records from OM/WROC as .txt files to an external server such as your PC for storage and easy retrieval. The call records can be viewed and managed under corresponding directory.

Recording Agent

Developed by New Rock Technologies Inc., OM recording agent runs on Windows & Linux. It collects recording files generated by the OM and stores them in MP3 format in corresponding directories.

Click Here for the installation and usage of the recording agent and mandatory configuration on the OM.

(IP) Finder

Developed by New Rock Technologies, Inc., Finder is a PC-based software for obtaining the IP address of New Rock products, especially FXO devices, in a LAN environment.

To obtain device IP address via Finder:
1. Download the installation package and double click to run.
2. Click Refresh, and the MAC address and IP address of target models will be listed.

Note: Please connect your PC to the device via Ethernet cable if no devices are found.

How to obtain the IP address of New Rock products?
1. FXO+FXS devices and FXS devices: Connect the analog phone to any FXS port and dial ##
2. FXO devices: Use Finder as above.

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