OM Series IP PBXs

The OM Series IP PBXs are all-in-one telephony systems. They provide seamless connectivity to the PSTN, analog terminals, IP-based SIP trunks, and SIP terminals. Using VoIP, the OM Series IP PBXs support inter-office intercom calls over the Internet or VPN. Depending on configuration, The OM Series IP PBXs support from 2 to 96 local extensions, up to 120 SIP terminals as remote extensions, and up to 96 FXO analog trunks to the PSTN.

Always Connected with Your Customers

With features such as remote extension, call forking to your mobile phone and call-back, the OM Series IP PBXs assures you that no matter where you are, whether in your office, traveling abroad, or working at home, you will never miss any important business call.

Mediation Capabilities and Proven Interoperability

The OM Series IP PBXs supports a wide range of voice codecs, providing media normalization, smart fax handling and gain control, and many other media-processing features, such as DTMF, disconnect modes and voice quality enhancement. The OM Series IP PBXs also offers proven interoperability with leading unified communications solutions and SIP trunking providers.

Reduction of Telecommunications Cost

The OM Series IP PBXs has all the IP remote-calling functions needed to support the remote worker, business travel, and communication with branches through the Internet. With IP, international or long-distance calls are turned into local toll-free calls. With advanced routing capabilities, OM can route calls intelligently according to call types. Combined with the optional WeWei softphone App, you can achieve more effective and comfortable communications between you and your customers.

Functions and Benefits

  • Flexible auto-attendant
  • Click-to-call on contact list
  • All-in-one system with analog-gateway modules, FoIP, recording, and voicemail
  • Multi-site application via IP tie trunks
  • Multi-tenant applications
  • Fail-over to PSTN upon network failure
  • Plug-and-play for IP phones*
  • XM/HTTP-based REST API supporting third-party application software
  • Compatible with standard SIP servers, such as Cisco CallManager, Broadsoft, Microsoft Lync, Huawei IMS and Asterisk

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