Board of Directors

Mike Coffee

President & CEO

Mike Coffee, President & CEO, prior to founding Commetrex and later NetGen, was VP, Marketing & Sales, with Natural MicroSystems, where he brought NMS into the computer-telephony market and introduced the idea for MVIP, the industry standard that propelled NMS into the market’s technology-leadership position. Prior to NMS, he served as VP and chief marketing executive at Innovative Technology, a digital-media technology developer, and Autodynamics, a worldwide marketer of process-plant simulators. Mr. Coffee holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech.

Hua Lin


Mr. Hua Lin is the founder and CEO of New Rock Technologies, Inc., a leading international telecom vendor that designs and produces highly innovative hardware and software telecom products for both enterprises and service providers. Prior to New Rock, Mr. Lin served as VP, Advanced Technology, at Convergent Networks, (Billerica, MA). Mr. Lin holds a Masters in Computer Science from Fudan University in Shanghai and studied for his Ph.D. at Texas A&M’s Dwight Look College of Engineering.

Cliff Schornak

CTO and co-founder

Cliff Schornak, CTO and NetGen’s co-founder, was president of Systems By Design, a telecommunications design consultancy, prior to NetGen. Prior to this he was a senior researcher at Digital Communications Associates and the VP, Engineering at Innovative Technology, Inc. (ITI). Schornak holds master’s degrees in computer science from Georgia Tech, business and finance from George Washington, and undergraduate degrees in math and physics from Marycrest College.

Bruce Adams


Bruce Adams, Director, Signal Processing Technologies, brings an 18-year career in signal-processing and telephony-systems development to NetGen. During his 8-year Principal Engineer assignment at Hayes Microcomputer, he completed his PhD EE coursework at Georgia Tech. Subsequently, he was Chief Executive Officer and GM at Signals+Software prior to joining NetGen. He has also served as rapporteur on numerous ITU committees.

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