Smart ATA®

Smart ATA® is an ATA that not only offers the service provider a high-function voice-fax ATA with FXO capability, but also includes patented technology (US patent 9,094,419) that finally makes FoIP calls as reliable as PSTN fax calls. Moreover, Smart ATA includes full support for T.38 version 3 with V.34, enabling it to send and receive faxes at twice the speed of non-V.34 capable ATAs. With Smart ATA, NetGen truly defines the next-generation ATA

In testing with Commetrex, NetGen Communications, Inc. has found that significant practical problems with SIP negotiations for FoIP calls exist in carrier-based networks. After much testing and analysis, we have developed Smart FoIP, which improves the reliability of fax-session establishment for media servers, ATAs, and access gateways. The technology increases the likelihood of a session remaining in G.711 fax pass-through mode, so it also includes a major technology advance that eliminates PCM-clock synchronization problems, which are responsible for a large percentage of G.711 pass-through fax failures.

NetGen’s technology has unequalled field experience. Its T.30 was developed in 1994, its T.38 relay in 1998, and terminating T.38 in 2001. This unsurpassed experience led us to discover that as much as 20% of FoIP transaction failures aren’t caused by T.38 or other interop problems, but by the session negotiations that occur in carrier networks at the beginning of a SIP-based FoIP call. These problems are solved by Smart FoIP®.

  • Commetrex’ Smart FoIP®
  • Two Ethernet ports on all models
  • Smart ATA 411: 1 FXS and 1FXO
  • Smart ATA 422: 2 FXS and 2 FXO
  • Smart ATA 402: 2 FXS
  • T.38 version 3
  • V.34 fax
  • Five-second round-trip delay for T.38
  • T.38 ECM support
  • T.38 UDP and TCP support
  • Smart PCM clocking
  • Peer-to-peer voice
  • Caller ID
  • Flexible configuration with Option 66 and TR-069
  • Service-provider white label • FXO hot line
  • IVR with second-stage dialing
  • G.711 Mu- and A-law and G.729
  • G.168 LEC
  • Media-aware jitter buffer
  • Voice QoS features
  • Advanced call-control features
  • Inbound call routing (500-rule capacity)
  • PSTN failover
  • DHCP client
  • DNS client
  • VLAN support
  • STUN client
  • Comprehensive security features
  • SNMP
  • Management and debug features

Smart ATA includes patented fax-aware jitter-buffer management that is specific to G.711 pass-through fax and eliminates PCM-clock sync problems in gateways.

Voice Support

But just because Smart ATA includes amazing fax technology, don’t expect it to be short on voice performance, quality, and features. Smart ATA supports G.711 and G.729 with G.168 echo cancellation. There is a full complement of calling features such as transfer, forward-on-busy, call waiting, caller ID, caller blocking, DND, color ring-back tones, and many other call-routing options with 500-rule capacity. You can actually build a multi-office distributed PBX with Smart ATA.

System Management

Smart ATA is designed with the VoIP service provider in mind. The product is fully configurable with TR069- and Option 66-based remote management, SNMP with MIB V2, and Web utility for configuration and firmware upgrade. It has 8 levels of logging, a syslog, debugging and trace facilities, and status monitoring and statistics. And if your volumes justify doing so, we can customize the browser screens to include your company and logo.

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