Products Overview

NetGen Communications is the primary North American distributor and support organization for New Rock Technologies’ products, which are designed to meet the telecom needs of the small-medium enterprise (SME). Our focus is on the ITSP and the telecom channel. In addition, NetGen markets and supports the deployment-ready BladeWare and test-related products from Commetrex Corporation (NetGen is a Commetrex spin-off).

Over the past few quarters, NetGen has launched the entire suite of Smart ATA®. In Addition to that, there are other product lines co-developed by New Rock and NetGen, the entire MX product line of access and trunking gateways, the OM line of IP PBXs, and YoubiquITy, a comprehensive, centralized, remote management of all NetGen-supported CPE through “the cloud”.

There are three ready-to-deploy BladeWare HMP-based products that enable the service provider to quickly launch revenue-generating services:

But for those providers and OEMs that target IMS-like service networks, there is BladeWare FMS, which turns the BladeWare telephony platform into a fax-send-receive media resource controlled by a SIP-based application server via the MSCML protocol.

But with so many service providers looking at NetGen to help them make Fax-Over-IP (FoIP) work, you should expect nothing less than a comprehensive FoIP test tool that is based on our industry-best fax technology. That product is FaxTap NG. FaxTap NG provides T.38 analysis, analysis for G.711 modem pass-through calls, accurately identifies packets following a T.38 re-Invites as T.38 (UDP & RTP), and renders the image for you.

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