Smart ATA® Specifications

Port Configurations HX411: 1 FXS and 1 FXO ports, 2 Ethernet portsHX422: 2 FXS and 2 FXO ports, 2 Ethernet ports
HX402: 2 FXS port, 2 Ethernet ports
Case Desktop and wall mountable, Size: 150 x 109 x 30mm, Weight: 300g, LED: power, Ethernet, FXS, FXO, device status, Ethernet: RJ45
Hardware Resources ATMEL AT91SAM9G20B, 400MHz, 32MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash memory
Power Supply AC/DC Adaptor with input: 100-240V AC, output: 9V/0.66A DC Power
Operating System Linux kernel 2.6.27
SIP Registration Per trunk, per gateway, expire setting, SIP trunk, up to 10 SIP proxies, P2P, SIP-to-SIP relay, Hook flash relay (INFO)
FXS Polarity reversal generation, caller ID generation (Bellcore and ETSI FSK, DTMF, before/after ring), ring cadence setting, ring frequency setting, volume control, hook-flash timing setting, message-waiting indicator (FSK, polarity inverse), hot line
FXO Relay to FXS extension, redirect to SIP server, voice response and second-stage dialing, PSTN calls from either FXS or IP network, Battery reversal detection, caller ID detection (Bellcore and ETSI FSK, DTMF, before/after ring), DTMF out-pulsing timing setting, volume control, ring-parameter setting, busyout when FXS is not available
Codec/Fax/RTP G.729, G.711ALaw, G.711Ulaw, T.38 Version 3 with Smart FoIP and V.34 fax at 33,600 bps, G.168 Echo cancellation, dynamic jitter buffer, static jitter buffer for modem (fax/data) pass-through with Smart FoIP, DTMF relay (RFC2833, SIP/INFO, in-band), adjustable packetization period, 10/20/30/40/50/60ms
Voice QoS IEEE 802.1p tag, DiffServ code point (TOS) bits
Call Control Blind transfer, explicit transfer, call forward busy, call forward no answer, call forward variable, call waiting, caller ID, caller ID blocking, caller ID on call waiting, distinctive ring, do not disturb, music on hold, color ringback tone, built-in 3-way calling, speed dialing, calling- and called-number-based routing, hunt group (sequential and circular selection), ring group, digit map, PSTN failover (upon IP network break or failure to reach SIP proxy, or power break), 500-rule call-routing capacity
Networking DHCP client DNS/DDNS client, PPPoE client, NAT traversal (STUN), VLAN support
Security IP filtering list (IP table), SIP/RTP/Telent/HTTP/TFTP port screening, Web-utility access privilege (admin and user), HTTPS, disable HTTP GUI, SIPS and SRTP.
System Management Option 66- and TR069-based management (TR069, TR104, and TR106), SNMP agent (MIB v2), Web-utility for configuration, data import/export, and firmware upgrade, auto-provisioning for configuration and firmware upgrade, log management (8 levels), Syslog, debugging and call trace, TCP dump, system status monitoring and statistics (TR069, SNMP, Web)NetGen offers Smart ATA volume customers a no-charge Auto Configuration Server.

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